Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Whirlwind weekend? Not really!

I’m late, I know. But the kid was miserably ill over the week end. We went from a cold to a cough to severe wheezing. The wheezing subsided only after a couple of doses with the nebulizer. So quick weekend update:

I worked out both Saturday & Sunday. Saturday, I did the group dance aerobics class at the gym. It was awesome once again. We are planning a pilgrimage this coming weekend and I expect to miss 3 gym days. So, I compensated by doing a fantastic cardio session on Sunday. Like I read on someone’s blog – You never regret a workout. EVER.  Another thing I read on someone else’s blog (Roni’s weigh?) - the hardest part about going to the gym is getting your butt out of the door. So true, for me!

Food wise – honestly, I’ve been alright. Counting calories to about 1300 per day. But I’ve been eating all foods in moderation, including white rice.

Weight wise – I don’t know what to say. Yesterday, scale read 80.8. I was happy. But today, I recorded 81.5. One thing I know for sure is that white rice really stands in the way of weight loss. I lose beautifully, when I totally skip it. But then there come times when I wake up feeling exhausted. That’s not good! I will watch till the end of this month, and go back to phase I, South Beach Diet if I still hover around the same numbers. I need to check up on the measurements also. The new gym routine might have a little role in the weigh-in results.May be better tone? What say?

Also I used the weekend for shopping. I restocked on Weight Watchers jam, Oatmeal and Granola Bars from Godrej – world food store, fruits and veggies from the local market and have whole masoor dal dosa (lentil crepes) batter ready in the fridge. 

As I said we are going to be travelling this weekend. And, I wonder when I will ever graduate to the 70’s. I really need some encouragement now. After being good and resisting the mint oreo cookies the Scientist bought. 


  1. Weight loss just isn't linear, as much as we would like it to be. There are so many factors that you have to look over a long span of time. If the general trend is down, that is great! It doesn't matter if you had a week where it was up.

  2. :) yep i agree... but its not a week! nearly a month now. And you know, I'm being very diligent both on food and work out. I still am holding on... the scale should show me some love :)


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