Monday, January 16, 2012

A Whirlwind weekend and a very disjoint post!

It was the festive weekend of pongal/Sankaranthi, the harvest season. Salutations are offered to the Sun God who regulates the rains and ensures a good harvest. Festival means good food, or high calorie food. Yes I did indulge. But strangely I don’t feel much remorse or guilt.

Saturday morning, I hit the gym at 7 a.m. for a physio session, that assessed my current level of fitness. I was told that I had great flexibility, decent endurance, but poor muscle strength, because I did could not do even one push up. I was also told that I needed to lose another 20 kg. Yes, I know that. But I’m thankful that I have already lost about almost 20 kilos. To hear I need to lose 40, will have been much worse. The weighing scale at the gym, with work out clothes and socks on showed 84 point something. I don’t remember clearly. I have not lost any weight since Jan 1 2012, on which day I weighed around 81.5 kgs. My weigh in this morning is seen on the side bar.

The whole thing got distressing, and I took the weekend off indulged in all the festive goodies, had dinner at Papa John’s Pizza with cheese sticks AND pepsi, and completely enjoyed it. We brought home the leftovers – 3 slices, of which I had one for breakfast, and the Scientist finished off the remaining two. I just ate some digestives and a banana at work, cos the one slice of pizza was not enough breakfast. Speaking of banana, Chittu now says ba-na-na, slow and deliberate, albeit adorable. That’s three fruits now. He also says papaya and apple.

My mind feels very cloudy, and it’s the beautiful play of the female hormones. My gym week will start tomorrow. After the physio test, I did an hour of dance aerobics, which was totally AWESOME. I simply loved it. Though, ever since Saturday morning, my legs feel like lead. I now know what I will do every Saturday morning.  

After the awesome workout, we headed to my Aunt’s for the Pongal festival, for what’s a festival without relatives? Saturday evening, we headed to the beautiful Rajarajeshwari temple, for darshan, but not before we maneuvered through a wrong route of choice and terrible traffic. Sunday was the day of the main festival. Being at my own aunt’s place, I get the advantage of lounging around, without being expected to offer too much help. In contrast, at my in-laws’ my helping hand is expected. So we finished up puja, then ate, and I curled up next to Chittu and dozed through his two hour afternoon siesta. We returned home to an empty Sunday evening, got to know that Maami will return on Monday morning, and used the opportunity to head for pizza, after shopping for veggies at Namdharis. I think this Sankaranthi has brought a good harvest of Bok-Choy cos I saw PLENTY of it in the store. I purchased a small bunch, and am yet to decide how exactly I am going to cook it.

So, if you have survived my long disjoint post, tell me dear reader, how has your week end been? And what you like/dislike about my blog posts. 


  1. I liked it. My weekend wasn't as happening as yours though. Keep writing

  2. Sorry things got distressing over the weekend. That is always the hardest day to stay on plan.


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