Friday, January 6, 2012

January Goals And Other Updates

One of those perfect mornings again, except, I think the weighing scale caught up with all the sugar I inputted in my system. The scale is back up to 82.7 kgs from my pre-new year low of 81.5. Honestly, I am not sure if I ate all that much really. It could be a host of reasons, including those amazing things that happen with a woman’s body. But whatever. No sweat. Yes, I am a little upset about going further away from my new year goal. But I know I can put things back in the right direction with a little bit of effort. Yes? Yes.

On the bright side, I have the following to my credit:

1.    A kurta I bought during Diwali, now hangs listlessly on my frame. I have lost plenty of inches since October 2011. I am packing this kurta, into my now growing collection of clothes that are fairly new, but still too large for me.
2.    Food Journalling has been going well the last few days.
3.    So has exercise. My elliptical is back in use, and my joints feel well oiled again. I don’t know if it’s the cold in Bangalore, or the fact that my body now “demands” to be exercised -but after a couple of days without exercise, my joints get stiff, and my muscles get fizzy. Back to exercise mode, and I feel just fine.
4.    I am feeling better and the wheezing seems to have gone, thanks to the mercury being slightly up around here.

Oops! I forgot my monthly goals for January
1.    Is to not oversleep on weekend mornings, finish the workout before the family wakes up and use the extra time with the toddler.
2.    Is to put up one of my healthy recipes with a picture, every week.

Ideally, I should reach 78 kgs by Feb1. But that seems faaaaaaaaar away! 


  1. Hey, I struggle as a wife to cook once a day and work out at the same time. I make just one meal (usually roti, sabzi and dal or rice, rasam and kootu) which is usually dinner. My work is form 9 to 5-30. However, I take calls from 9-10.30 in the night too. So I just am left so frustrated at the end of the day!!!
    What time do you get up? I can probably take inspiration from you!!

    1. Dear Tina,

      I understand. Multiple responsibilities do take a toll on our health.Add to it in-laws/ child and prioritising us take a back seat.
      I try to wake up around 5 ish atleast 4 days of the week. On saturday I head out for an early morning run and Sunday, i go to the gym pretty late in the morning :)Also I use domestic help to get the veggies etc cut and ready for cooking!
      Do email and we can see how we can sqeeze some "health" time into your day!


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