Sunday, January 8, 2012

A whirlwind weekend

Uh! Is it going to be Monday tomorrow? Where did my week end go?

Saturday, we went to visit an aunt, in whose apartment complex is a play area Chittu fell in love with. The playground slide was love at first sight.

Though I was good on the exercise front, food has been pretty much all over the place, and I have ingested plenty of white rice.Though it was nothing like the phenomenal amounts I used to consume during my days of ignorance, still not something I eat on a daily basis now. But keeping the toddler company in the play area gave me an unusually active, fun afternoon.

Today was a festival - thiruvadurai, for which I don't know the significance. What I do know is the special items to be cooked. One is a sweet dish made of rice and jaggery and the other is a savoury made of mixed veggies, lentils and pulses. Again I did eat the sweet, with cautious control, of course.

We then visited some friends who have had a baby girl 3 days ago. I simply cannot remember Chittu being a tiny, bundled up new-born.

I also did a trial session at a gym I plan to enroll at. I do this with much trepidation. If I do join the gym, I will have much management to do, time wise. I am extremely nervous about that, right now. But what I am in desperate need of is a change in my exercise regimen. So I am toying with the idea right now. I might give it two month attempt, and see if I am able to keep up with it. My options stay open.

Right now, the Scientist and I are doing our own thing on our laptops, and Maami is keeping Chittu engaged. I need to feed him dinner. But I thought I should catch a quick post to the blog.

I am tired, but the weekend is almost gone :)

Journalling is going well, and my weight is hovering around the new year numbers. I am looking forward to the elusive 70s.

That was my whirlwind weekend. How was yours?


  1. I guess joining a gym would be a good idea as you would get the exact calorie burned

  2. Sounds like a good weekend! I have never joined a gym - mainly for the reasons you described. The time management thing would require discipline to not let the membership go to waste.

  3. The nice thing about a gym is that it gets you out among like-minded people trying to get or stay in shape. I actually really enjoy going to the gym - when it isn't snowing LOL!

  4. @diane.. so true. I am still undecided

    @Lori.. yes. But I am wondering how I will manage a home, toddler and a full time job..


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