Tuesday, January 31, 2012

January Round Up

I had three goals for January:

One was to not over sleep on weekends and finish my workout before the rest of the family woke up.

Stellar performance on that one.

Week 1 – I took a run at the neighborhood park, both Saturday & Sunday
Week 2 – I did the dance aerobics group class at the gym on Saturday. Sunday was my day off.
Week 3 – Saturday – group dance aerobics
    Sunday – cardio
Week 4 – went on a holiday ; no exercise formally, but plenty of walking

Two, was to post a recipe with a picture. Zero points on that.

Three, was to get to 78 kgs. Haha! The 80s refuse to let go of me.

I feel much leaner today than I did at the beginning of the month. I think my gym workouts are giving me good muscle mass. Therefore, there has been progress off the weighing scale. 

My goals for February will follow in the  next post.

As an after-thought, I thought I must say why working out on weekends is important, instead of thinking that its the weekend and that I will take the two days off:

1. When I work out in the morning, it sets the tone for the rest of day - food wise. Usually  my thinking is that I should not sabotage a good workout, by eating something on a frill.

2.Waking up late on weekend mornings, greatly constricts the length of the day. I wake up early, because I like to go to the gym early. Then I return home home and shower early, have breakfast early. You get the drift. I can accommodate so many more things this way!

3. Working out on weekends is easier on my mind than weekdays, when I have to rush home, cook, pack the Scientist's lunch and get to work. I can enjoy my workout, stretch all my muscles and return, without feeling the tick-tock in my ear.

4. Finally it also gives me the option of taking my "off" day during the week, when something unexpected crops up!


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