Thursday, February 2, 2012

February Goals & Hopes

One thing that all those who have lost a considerable amount of weight say is to keep going irrespective of the number on the scale. From my own experience, losing close to 20 kilos, I have learnt that it is very very difficult to do that. Day after day of sensible eating and exercising, I hope that the weighing scale reads a few hundred grams lesser every morning. Sadly that is not how things work and I must admit that my journey so far has been slow and painstaking.

I have been for a month now, trying to reach below the 80 mark. Last few days have been holding up at 81.1. However I have been working out at the gym almost all of January, and I think I can say I have better tone.

Also throughout January, although I was well within calorie range (1300-1500), I know from my food journal that I did eat grains in the form of Rice/Chappatis/Oats/Broken Wheat more than once a day. I also ate fruit (including bananas) in addition to grains. That simply does not work for me. I will do a post on bananas and how they affect me soon.

My goals this month are these:

·         To do phase 1 SBD for two weeks (today is day 3), but with a maximum of two servings fruits in a day (no bananas for me though!)
·         To reach 78 kilos by the end of this month. (I have a birthday, goal, remember?) (when I made the goal I estimated to lose atleast 2 kilos every month)
·         To get in a bit of structure to my workouts. The scientist pointed out this morning that I have not yet planned my gym work outs.
·         Last month’s unaccomplished goal of posting a recipe and a picture every week spills into this month as well!
·         Continue to do the food & weight journal

So on a positive note, here’s to February’s hopes & goals!


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