Monday, January 30, 2012

A Whirlwind weekend that lasted for four awesome days

Last week, my weekend began on Thursday morning. We did a road trip to do some temple touring and the ritual of Chittu’s second tonsure. The trip was simply fantastic, the stay comfortable, the travel smooth and the darshan at all temples was soul food. At Chidambaram, I hit a new found love for Lord Nataraja – the lord of the cosmic dance. All in all, we returned home on Saturday night – tired, but happy troopers. The belt where we went visiting is so rich in Hindu heritage that three days is too little time to cover even important temples.

Sunday, that is yesterday, was the day of Chitrasanthe 2012, an annual one-day exhibition of art, in the form of paintings. A whole road near the plush golf course is cordoned off to host the exhibition, which is a visual treat. We made some purchases as well, thus making the last weekend, a very expensive one!
All my plans of sensible eating got thrown out of the window on day one of the tour, and I had my little food party. The scale this morning said 82.2, but that is with some water retention in my feet owing to the travel. I of course, got right back on track by hitting an empty gym early this morning. The stiffness my body had developed from the car travel has been eased by a beautiful session of cardio, and soothing stretches. Did I just say that? Wow!

So, I am about to begin February just as I began January, weight wise. Working out at the gym is the change that I have made this month. And may be, I will wait until the 1st of February to have a more reasonable look at my weight. Of course I will do a monthly round up post to sum up January.

I have a question for my readers. Do you think my posts are long and verbose? Or do you prefer if I sneaked in some pictures? Please leave a comment, and please feel free to be honest. But be nice, will ya?


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