Friday, January 13, 2012

Joining the gym, exercise timings & a general wellness update

Yes I did it! The decision to join the gym was more the Scientist’s than mine. Sometimes, only sometimes, it feels good when someone else decides, and you just have to chug along. So, yes I am a part of a very plush, expensive gymnasium. I have done three days at the gym this week, one was a power yoga group class, which totally rocked! And the other two times, I have been pretty much on my own, sticking to the treadmill and elliptical. I shall have to wait for the physio session, which is tomorrow to get done, so that I will have a structured work out, everyday.

My intention is to do the group class – being either yoga or pilates two days of the week and do the other stuff which will be recommended the other four. Sounds good. No?

The last couple of days, I have felt extreme tiredness. Yesterday I was dying to crash into bed, by afternoon. I figured, may be I just did not give my body enough food. So yesterday, I ate. PELNTY OF CARBS – white rice, rotis, dinner at a Chinese restaurant and had a good night’s sleep. Guess what, I went to the gym at 6 a.m. this morning, even before the sun was up. I am feeling great right now! 

I think I have decided on my workout time, which least interferes with Chittu time, or cooking or work, or socializing or whatever else. The plan is to hit the gym by 6.a.m. Chittu sleeps late into the mornings now a days, and I think will also be able to get Maami to help me with cutting the veggies and get the cooker job done, by the time I return from the gym.

The day before yesterday, was another restaurant dinner. Both dinners did not include dessert. My weight this morning read 83.4. I really have to get my thyroid checked. I am trying not to feel too bogged down by the weight gain/being stuck at the same weight again. But it is hard. I know I’m being good on the food, and very dutiful about the exercise. Things should look up soon, and as always I will keep the updates coming.  


  1. Congrats on joining the gym! You will find your groove soon with being fueled for workouts.


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