Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Today's Rants!

The scale has not budged for 10 days now - Been hovering around 82 (+/-) a few hundred grams. That is not a morale booster. I seem to be getting into this kind of cycle regularly. Just staying stuck at a particular weight for days together and then, one morning, whoosh! A few kilos down. I am hoping that will happen again.

But I have some admissions. I’m drinking less water, and eating more refined carbs – white rice being one and some finger millet cookies. Despite this, as per my estimate, my total calorie consumption during the day is under 1500 calories.

A thyroid test is due, and I intend to get that done today. That will clear some of the other related worries I have been having.

Enrolling at the gym will cost about two hours every day, plus a lot of money that I cannot afford to waste. That includes transit time, work out and other things. I prefer to get my work out done in the morning, because that way, I have evenings available for the toddler and other sundry affairs. I am totally unable to figure this out. I don’t know if it IS so hard, or I am just being me. I think the latter.

Looking at the larger picture, I know I will persist. I know I am going to get to the end of this. But sometimes, these hiccups really do discourage me. Any thoughts?


  1. I just want you to know that you are not alone. I am on this journey with you.


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