Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Last weeks exercise schedule & holiday eating plan

This post is from my mental drafts:

You know I've joined the gym. My exercise schedule last week looked like this:

Monday : I took off
Tuesday : 40 mins cardio ( treadmill + elliptical + stationary bike)
Wednesday: Strength Training (Chest, Back & Arms)
Thursday: 40 mins cardio ( treadmill + elliptical + stationary bike) & iron man
Friday: Strength Training (Lower Body – legs)
Saturday: 50 mins dance aerobics

This week I expect to miss Thursday, Friday & Saturday because we are going on a temple tour. So I compensated by working out on Sunday and have been able to do so on Monday and Tuesday despite have a sick child.

My huge worry is how well I would be able to eat during the travel. I plan to carry some fruits, cereal and granola bars so that I will not be tempted to stuff myself with carbs over the next three days. When I’m on a holiday, my brain tends to think it is licensed to demand a triple scoop sundae every hour. Usually my eating party begins at the airport.Needless to day, I  gained weight over the last  Diwali and New Year hols.

This time I have mentally been telling myself that a holiday shall not mean unlimited treats. I have been in a weight plateau for almost a month, and I certainly do not want to begin February on a heavier note. So I have a plan:

The plan is to figure out my own breakfast & dinner and enjoy lunch with the rest of the family avoiding/minimizing white rice, sugar and oil. Let’s see how well I do. It's just a three day break! 

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