Monday, February 6, 2012

And another whirlwind weekend

That's the first weekend of February gone by. I had an awesome weekend with pelnty of family time, healthy eating and much needed rest.

We began Saturday morning after breakfast at home finishing up some much procrastinated paper work relating to the house we just bought. I also dropped by my almamater to find out when I should begin thinking about school admissions for Chittu. Man! we're that far along already? High alert begins in October this year , I learnt, when schools make applications for admissions available. Thoughts about that later!

We returned home in time for lunch, feeding Chittu and getting him to sleep. We then met an old freind of mine from school, and fished compliments about my weight loss so far. I wore jeans after possibly three years (or maybe even more). I tried my old jeans to see if I fit and I did!Yayy! It feels great when good work is rewarded. We came back home for a simple light dinner, and hit the bed. Saturday, the gym was closed for maintenance, so guess who did not exercise :)

Sunday morning, I hit the gym, while the enterprising Scientist finished  veggie shopping for the week. After a good cardio session I returned home stopping enroute for some home-supplies. I chanced upon some star fruit at the store and bought it. I have never eaten the fruit before and googled to find out how to. How much I use google!

After lunch, I curled up beside Chittu and napped an entire two hours! The work-out was a good one. I woke up, tried a bit of the pretty looking star fruit and decided it was good stuff for a mere 30 calories per fruit. We then headed to a Shiva temple where Chittu had fun watching fish and tortoises in the temple pond, enjoyed Pani puri on a road side stall, and once again headed home for dinner.

No outside food this weekend. I am really working hard to get below the 80 mark, can't you tell? How was your weekend?


  1. Was in Kolkata in the weekend,mostly study stuff and visited the Kolkata Book Fair.


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