Tuesday, February 7, 2012


First thing that comes to my mind is the way Chittu says it. He is adorable. Aren’t all babies? Specially, one’s own.

Usually my downfall begins with a banana, specially the yellakki variety we get here in Bangalore. “Just 60-80 cals” I tell myself and less than half the size of a regular banana. It’s a fruit, after all and there's the fiber thing and all. Oh and the constipation reliever. Is it not?

But I can’t stop at one. Then another. And so on until I realize I’m stuffing my mouth with sugar. That is what I observed and learned. The sugar in the banana sends of cravings as if I ate a ghee laden moti choor ladoo or sinful Krihna sweets' mysoor pak.

I have bananas sitting on table, along with grapes and oranges, and pretty star fruit in the fridge. I feel totally ok with not eating the bananas. They are not singing out my name! That is a victory.

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