Thursday, February 9, 2012

Have I lost a Shoe Size?

Seriously. No kidding! I think I have.

I have for a very very long time now (ever since 12th standard in school), had a problem with swelling ankles. Basically, my ankles swell if I leave my feet down for long. That means during study, travel or now work. When it first started, my family thought I had a kidney problem and got thorough medical examination. It turned out nothing was wrong! And the problem has stayed.

I came in to work, through eight out of nine months of pregnancy and worked on a computer sitting at a work desk on a chair. My feet were HUMUNGOUS! The swelling would cause my ankles to get stiff. During the weekends, when I was home, I sat cross legged on the floor, and the swelling would abate, only to be full blown by the end of the week!

As you know, my pregnancy ended, with my having a fall and fracturing both feet! Ouch! The doctors then asked me if the swelling in feet was due to the fracture or pregnancy. It was that bad.

I have been consistently exercising for about a year now, with a month’s break in between. Earlier, I used my home-elliptical and I have been going to the gym for about a month now.

This morning, when I slid my feet into my footwear, I felt I needed a size lower. I wondered whether it was because the sandals expanded or my feet contracted. I am now pretty sure about the latter. Since I started exercising, and more so at the gym, the tendency for my feet to swell has also reduced. My ankles don’t feel as stiff as before. And also, I think I gained a few pounds on my feet during pregnancy and post it. It might have gone now! Yayy!! For exercise.


  1. That is fantastic! When I lost weight, my feet shrank. I went from wearing a double wide width to just a wide width shoe and some regulars.


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