Thursday, February 16, 2012

Change in plans and a call for help!

Ofcourse you know I’ve been stalling with my weight loss attempt. As per plan, I expected to be safely out of sight from the 80’s by now, hovering at 77-78. But nope. No luck there. All of January and until now, I have been so regular with my exercise schedule getting about 40 mins of intense cardio a day, 5-6 days a week. I have also been tracking food and I think I’ve been doing pretty alright on that front too. I have been hovering between 80-81 for a month and a half now!

WHY won’t the scale budge?

I observed that now my weight goes down only if I ate only veggies through a day. (I weigh in everyday btw)However those days, I felt I was nearly dying by the end of working hours at office and would go home very, very fatigued. Given that I burned approx 400 cals during my workout, obviously eating only veggies is NOT sustainable. So I have added back rice to my diet. My eating looks like this:

Breakfast contains rice lentils and veggies.
Lunch is a fruit, lentils, veggies and low fat curd
Dinner is similar to lunch sans the fruit
2 snacks
1 cup of coffee
1 cup of tea
A large cup of double skimmed milk after dinner

Right now, I DON’T want to alter my eating plan. I think I’m doing alright. And I’m tracking.

So this morning at the gym, I headed to the weights section. I think part of the fat in my body is being stubborn and holding on to me with too much love. May be weight training will help me to burn that stubborn fat? Do you think? Any suggestions? I’d really appreciate help.

Can you hear a puppy whine? That me, just in case :P


  1. Dear Sugar,

    whatever suggestions I write below are through my experience with my weight loss.

    1. When eating the same kind of food over and over again the weight will get stagnant even if you are eating correct. So if you find yourself eating lentils all three times a day, ditch it for a week and see the change.

    2. Take up drinking hot water for one week and see if it helps to shift the weight, in my case it did.

    3. Lock the weight machine for one week. Its gonna be very difficult for you but give yourself 7 days and set a date. Weigh yourself only on that day. During the 7 days when you are not weighing yourself make sure to change your diet and exercise.

    4. If you want to do serious workout then lentils, veggies and fruits won't sustain you for long, moreover if proper carbs are not given to your body your muscles will be attacked which is not a good sign.

    You have added back the rice, now for this one week ditch the rice and get in a roti. Best way to make roti is use wheat flour and oats, this makes makes roti complex in nature.

    5. Whenever I was stuck with my weight, papaya used to help me a lot. My dinners usually used to be half or more of papaya and within 2-3 days weight used to shift down.

    Hope this helps.

    All the best for your next weigh i.

    Lots of love


    1. Dear Shiva, thanks for taking the time to share your tips with me. Hot water idea is something I did not think of and trust it should help :)
      I will put your advice to practise and revert :)
      Only papaya for dinner? Or along with something else?

  2. Dear Sugar,

    I too never believed in hot water thing until I tried. I used to just sip it like tea.

    If you eat one full papaya then there won't be any place for anything else (plus I love the fruit, cold papaya is one of my favorites). You can have some veggies along with it if you like.



  3. I know you don't want to change what you are eating, but if I were to offer a suggestion, it would be to increase your protein at every meal. It can make a difference between maintaining and losing - even if you keep the calories exactly the same. I also am curious about how many calories you are eating because it doesn't seem like a lot based on the above. Eating too little can cause the scale to stall as well.

    1. Yes :) but i'm vegetarian and no eggs either :)

      so i try to fit in lentils & curs and milk...sometimes soya nuggies.The soya milk does not agree with me :)

      i wonder what else I can eat?


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