Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Why is getting back to routine so difficult after a measly two day vacation?

Getting back to routine after even a two day holiday seems so hard. While I am watching calories and exercising control, I am still waiting to hit below 80. Weighing scale showed exactly 80 sometime last week. But no luck of the seventies. It is getting a bit annoying especially after how regular I have been with my workouts. I should get back to tracking, since I have not tracked since last friday!

As planned I hit the gym this morning and did a good 45 mins of cardio - 30 on the elliptical and ten on the treadmill. I continue to be wary on the treadmill, and do not run/ slow down at the first hint of any kind of pain. I do not want to consciously end up in an injury.

Well, that's that. I have nothing else to say. Gym clothes are laid out and refrigerator is well stocked. I shall persist with trying to achieve my goal.

I'm heading to bed early tonight :) 


  1. Dear Sugar,

    It happens with me too. After a short vacation its always difficult for me too, to go for a workout. All the best with your weighing, I am sure you will enter the 70s range soon.




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