Monday, February 13, 2012

Whoa!!! What A weekend at wayanad!!

It all began when Maami had to take a day off - Friday. The Scientist volunteered to take the day off and take care of Chttu, while I went to work. Since home is very close to my office, I could come home to feed the little guy.

Enter : a little idea in my head. Why don't we head to a weekend destination? We chose the picturesque Wayanad, and set out on Friday afternoon. The distance is about 300 kms, but given the two way NH 212, the entire distance, with some breaks for the motion sick baby took us a little over seven hours. Chittu suffers pretty bad motion sickness especially in our little hatchback.While I went to the gym on Friday morning and totally planned not to overeat during the trip, it was a resolve that I eventually did not stand by! I will let pictures do the rest :

That's Chittu and me - excited as we set off

Saturday saw some awesome trekking at Edakkal caves, Wayanad! That work out was unexpected and unraveled a world of confidence, about my physical abilities, post my dual fractures.That trek also made me feel less guilty about the breakfast of poori-bhaji I indulged in.  The view atop was breathtaking!! Chittu trekked as well :)

After a boatride in Pookot lake we headed back to our accommodation, and Chittu and I walked around the farm house a bit.

We finished an early dinner and hit the bed.

We left for Bangalore on Sunday morning after breakfast in the garden,

stopping for lunch at Mysore. Then a boat ride at Ranganthittu bird sanctuary. Apparently the painted storks and spoonbills had flown all the way from Alaska!!

We returned home and headed for pizza. Its become a tradition for us to have pizza when Maami takes a break :S

Overall, this weekend was awesome as I have begun to feel alright about how I look in pictures. I was able to do some decent trekking, without losing balance and falling or my body hurting like I had been beaten up! Overall, I think I have come far from where I started both mentally and physically. Only, I need to get atleast another 13 kilos off my body :P

Alright, I've got back into the groove.Will hit the gym early morning tomorrow. Night guys!


  1. Waynad is a beautiful place for a weekend.Sometimes I wonder how difficult it is for a working mom to get a weekend get away.I always get away on weekends with no responsibility but doing it with family is a different pleasure all together.

    1. Yes Abhinav :) this was our first "holiday" post baby :) and came after a great sense of longing to just go somewhere...

  2. Dear Sugar,

    You look fabulous. I loved the pics. Seems liked you had a great time.



  3. @Shiva

    Yep we did :) thanks abt liking the pics :)


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