Sunday, February 19, 2012

Wow!! Another whirlwind weekend!

True to the title, I just don't get how the 48+ hrs from Friday evening to Sunday evening roll by so fast.

I began Saturday morning with a resolve to cheer up and not fret about the scale readings. I headed early to the gym for a session of weight training - arms, chest and back which was supposed to be followed by a dance aerobics session. But the class was cancelled, and I went back to my usual treadmill + elliptical routine. I upped the treadmill run from 10 to 12 minutes on Saturday, and have no pain till now, which means - so far, so good.

While I do enjoy a good run on the treadmill, my fear of injuring myself, given my weight, makes me rather controlled and watchful. I began running for 10 mins and have increased to 12.

I headed back home and we had breakfast. Then, I made lunch and went out with the Scientist for some paperwork with our newly bought house. Came back, finished lunch and headed to the theater with the Scientist for "the safe house", which pretty ok, but gave me a bad headache.

I chose to skip the popcorn and coke at the movie and instead opted for the hot chocolate, which now makes me proud :). I also took a bite from the Macadamia cookie that Scientist bought at cookie man, and decided I'd eat it if I found it tasty. But it was not, and the Scientist gladly devoured my cookie in addition to his own.I did a teensy bit of shopping too as every store in the mall had a sale going, and I now find more and better clothes that fit me :) Back home and had quite simple dinner with my brother who was visiting. Chittu had some fun with his uncle, before we hit the bed after a long day :)

Sunday morning was spent with the Hindu paper and hot chai :) while Chittu was trying to locate the car ads. The baby loves automobiles! Already! Then breakfast, little bit of tidying and then lunch, followed by pulse polio drop for Chittu. Then another movie - Ek main aur ak Tu at the same theater we went to yesterday. Since these movie tickets were bought using Citibank credit Card, we got 2 free cokes and popcorn. Ofcourse, I had the Scientist, fix the tuck tray to his side of the chair and took only a couple of swigs and bites, when I could not fight the desire to eat.Then there was some more Shopping :) and then home, veggie/fruit shopping, dinner and this post. But that's not before we brought home a brand new Macbook!!!

What a weekend, I say!! Workout clothes are laid out, fridge is well stocked and I'm ready for another week!

How was your weekend?

Btw, I've added a page called progress pics.Anyone seen em?

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