Thursday, March 8, 2012

When will I get ahead? -Thoughts on the plateau that I am in

I have admitted that weight loss is an obsession. Its important to be conscious of what I eat, drink and do every waking minute. Like for example, keep my water bottle near me, and remember take frequent sips. I plan ahead what I am going to eat. I think about what I can cook as I am veggie shopping. I remember to soak the beans. I also remember to take the steps. Its now easy for me to refuse juice. I know I don’t need that sugar. I consciously walk past he pav bhaji wallah. I don’t buy biscuits from the bakery. And cream biscuits. I have totally forgotten about them too. I don’t go to the sweet shop any more. Even to buy stuff for friends/ relatives. I instead go to the store where I buy the best fruits. Albeit expensive. So it has been a long and painstaking journey to the loss of all my pregnancy weight. I’m now left with all the adipose that were a part of my body since very, very long. And believe me when I say, it is becoming very difficult to lose that weight. Sometimes, like last night, I want to cry. I am working very hard on this. I know I need to and I certainly want to complete this journey once and for all. This time, just for myself.

These are my thoughts :

·         I am very happy about how far I have come – physically and mentally. It’s almost discouraging to know to know that I have almost an equal distance to go.
·         What should I do to get out of this plateau and go back to moving downward?
·         After reading, I thought weight training was the answer. But that does not seem to be working.
·         Should I add an evening workout? Something as small as walk after dinner? Or taking Chittu to the park? Some days I am totally out of steam by the time I go home from work. And then I also need to figure out dinner. Or may be its possible? It’s all in the head, no?
·         Am I eating more? Possibly. Once I joined the gym, my work outs became more rigorous. My energy levels dipped when I did not eat. I could not wake up in the mornings. So I added back fruit and white rice, some times brown bread even. May be the white rice is my enemy?
·         My calorie intake still ranges between 1200-1500. My work outs are intense. Then should I not be losing weight?
·         Oh!!! The stomach ulcers that were acting up. May be that lead  me to eating more?
·         Am I using too much oil in my cooking? I don’t think so. My cooking usually does not have oil floating on it or leave me with greasy fingers.  I still wonder!
·         I am working on more water consumption. I heard that fat comes out of the body as pee.
·         How much longer is this going to take me? My goal was to reach 67 kgs in August this year.
·         There are some people who lost 40 kgs in year! What did they do/eat?

These are my thoughts. Transparent. I want to cry. But more than that, I want to get ahead.


  1. Hang in there! That weight will fall off! I read a similar post of a woman hitting the plateau, but she over came it by changing her exercise and surprising her body. She changed her meals too, I mean she changes the menu every day, by not having the same thing again and again. These changes surprised her body and it started to react. Result? She broke her plateau!
    Hope something similar will help you as well :-)

    1. Yes. I have been doing a bit of reading too. I did change my eating pattern as well as exercise. I added strength training. I also upped my water intake. Now I guess its time to be patient!!!

  2. Hey! Hang in there. You have come such a long way and its time to focus on the positive side. Eventually the weight has to fall off! Why dont you try out short bursts of activity throughout the day instead of exercising at a stretch. When I worked out before having my son, I had lost more weight when I was exercising for short periods both morning and evening. I am no exercise expert so just giving my experience.

    1. :) thanks for the support :) it really helps. Yes adding some form of exercise in the evening has been playing on my mind for some time now. I shall do it :)

  3. You are doing everything right. Don't give up hope. Sometimes the weight doesn't shift for weeks. Trust your body.


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