Saturday, March 31, 2012

Workout update and March goals revisited

My work out this week looked like this:

Monday: 30 mins on treadmill and 30 mins on arc trainer
Tuesday : 30 mins on elliptical and 20 mins on stationary bike
Wednesday : Personal Strangth Training trial session (was nice and tough)
Thurday: Day off
Friday: Personal Strength Training session 1 ( I loved it)
Saturday: Dance Aerobics Class

So workout wise, I had a good week. Foodwise. I am improving. staying off the chips that travelling with us from Kerela is proving hard. Si I let myself a small portion and cur out the starch from dinner. Todays dinner for example was a half papaya that I shared with Chittu, a subzi I made out of tinda, ivygourd and paneer and glass of cold milk as I type this out. Chittu loved the papaya :)

Weightwise, I barely made it to the seventies again. With 79.8 this morning. I'm expecting the personal strength training to rev up my weight loss and help drop a few quick kilos. Also, the exhorbitant amount I am paying for it, should help me stay with controlled eating.

March goals revisited:

1. Structured workouts:

Yes. I did it. I was regular with strength training before the vacation break. Now even more so with the services of a personal trainer.

2.Improved fluid intake:

Errrm. Doing ok with this one. But some days, in the midst of work, I forget my water.

3. No vacation weight gain.

Total bummer! I messed up!

4. Food weight diary

Yep it has become part of my routine now. It also helps me keep track of my work outs.

Seriously now thinking of it, I totally went out out of control during the vacation. I wonder how long it will take me to get out of the seventies! The eighties costed me seven months, for the record :) Sometimes I panic how long this will take. I really want to make it, and feel time is running out. I hyperventilate. I freak out. I think of doing drastic things. But well, I now know what works! And that certainly is not yo-yo dieting!

Ok baby steps. One day at a time. I should get there :)

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