Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Updates from an exhausting day!!!

I returned from work, wanting to tuck into bed today. I felt exhausted. I still made myself a cucumber sandwich with a wedge of low fat laughing cow cheese, a glass of cold milk with sugar free hersheys and a yummy snack made of dates and nuts, which I promise to review soon. I headed back downstairs to join Chittu's play and returned home within 15 minutes as the husband returned from work.

For dinner I made some of my awesome broccoli-cauliflower soup and served it over pasta for the Scientist. My heavy evening snack thankfully gave me a smaller appetite.

Then came Chittu's feeding time and then our dinner. Chittu loved the soup too :)

I have been feeling very low over the last few days, as my weight still hovers in the 79-80 range. But I know I must keep at this, and I should make improvement over time!! I just hope I don't stay stuck forever.

I'm going to sign off, before I begin to snore over the key board. Gym clothes are laid out as usual. Let's remember, I never EVER regret a good workout!!!


  1. I guess the exhaustion can be partly contributed to the weather Bangalore is expereincing. I am rally looking forward for your recipe! I am sure you will see a change in the weighing scale soon!

    1. or the fact that I am pushing myself at the gym :) and making do with lesser sleep :)

  2. Hey thank q sooo much! Finding fellow Indian's blog, traveling the same path gives so much of a physiological boost. I'm glad for meeting a fellow Bangalorean in this quest :-)

    1. :) oh come on :) but yes indian weight loss bloggers are few... but looks like I already know a few from Bangalore - you, ahawhatalife & meversusfat. If three is a crowd, what is four?
      We must check the possibility of meeting up for workouts/ maybe a run or something? Whatsay girls? let the ideas roll....


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