Sunday, April 1, 2012

Weekend as home birds!

After two consecutive weekends out of home, this weekend, we were complete home birds flying out of our nest only for grocery shopping. All meals were also home cooked, since I cannot think of a restaurant meal until we get over the vacation effect. Also financially we are not at our strongest, and after shelling out a fortune for personal training at the gym, I'd prefer to be a bit conservative on unnecessary spending :)

Saturday began with an awesome workout at the gym - my favourite - dance aerobics. The weather was beautiful, for an early morning drizzle was welcome respite to a very hot summer. After class,  I headed home, made breakfast, cleaned up a bit, bought fruits and veggies from a cart vendor who is a regular at our Apartment complex. It felt easy. Just go downstairs, pick the stuff you want, pay up and return home armed for the week. Veggies and fruits are my weeks' arsenal. I can't get past without. Makes life so much smoother, when the fridge is well stocked.

After lunch, I curled up next to Chittu and zonked out for two hours. My workouts drain me completely!

Dinner was a simple affair and I cleared the fridge of all left overs. My dinner was some papaya, tinda-ivy-gourd-paneer subzi and some cold milk. The Scientist and I had some time together after the toddler went to bed and we continued to wonder at how  fast time flies.

Sunday Sangeetha of Meversusfat and I met for a walk at the pretty lalbagh. I was astonished by the crowd level at Lalbagh! Who calls Bangalore a sleepy city? The number of walkers/joggers at the park was astounding and on a Sunday morning! We were both not up for a hard workout and hence took a mild walk around the park, without getting lost :) It was a nice getting-to-know session and meeting someone out of a blog was exciting and fun for me:) the Scientist and Chittu had their own play time  while Sangeetha and I took our walk, and Chittu was mighty excited about his Sunday morning outing!

We returned home for sandwiches and tea :) Then lunch, then grocery shopping interspersed with cuddling time with the baby. Then dinner, and now ready for the week. This month is crucial for the Scientist and me professionally, as we will both get news on our respective promotions if any. Either way, I hope I don't react with food.

Ok. Long post there!Workout clothes ready, though I am having a bit of pain in my left foot at the place it was fractured two years ago. I hope it does not turn nasty!

That's it my lovelies. I'm heading for bed, and hope you guys have a happy new financial year 2012-13.


  1. Sugarrrrrrrrr, Sangeetha is not fatchicgoesslim, I AM. She is meversusfat. I hope you girls had a wonderful time.



  2. Aiyuuuu!!! sorry Shiva! Can we blame sleepy me?

    I have corrected now :)

    That Grrrrrr in sugarrrrrr makes me worry you are very angry!lol!

  3. Forgot about the financial year will have to pay more for hotel stay for future travels.

    Great to see the enthusiasm. I am running a half marathon this Saturday and i really get drained in the practice but it feels great after that.

  4. yes exercise and its ways :)Sigh!

  5. Hahaha, I am not angry. I wish I was also with you girls, we would have had so much fun together.



    1. ah yes!!! would have been much fun! From blog to real life, it feels like you know the person so well :)

      do let us know if you are in India any time :)

  6. Ok, no idea if my comments are posting...testing.


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