Monday, April 2, 2012

April Goal & 90/10 eating plan

3 months gone by and I have 13 kgs to hit goal weight. I really need to heat things up a bit and tighten loose corners if I want my stubborn old friend - Mr Adipose tissue that became my tenant to be forcibly evicted from his home i.e my body. Looking back I may say that these 20 kilos have been relatively easy to lose. Pregnancy and dual fracture weight have come off within 1.5 years.Wow!! did I just say easy? I must reconsider!

As many wise weight loss bloggers such as Vicky time and again reinforce, it is supremely important to address the food component of weight loss. They repeatedly stress that no amount of exercise may be enough to burn what you eat, and mindful eating is therefore very very important.

At this point in my weight loss journey I find exceptional wisdom in these words, and must therefore really tighten my eating rules to reach goal. Here are my eating rules for April:

1. Limit refined carbohydrate to once a week.(No to the rice which is regularly creeping into my lunch plate)

2. Stop snacking specially when not hungry.(No to the biscuits and chips I have taken to lately!)

3. Try the 90/10 rule that Lori has done ( stay on plan 90% of the time). Assuming I have six meals a day (one prework out, breakfast, lunch, dinner and two snacks) means I have a total of 42 meals a week. 10 % means 4 meals. That should give me some leg room for indulgence!

4.Summer is hot this time, and fluids must be monitored. So that is in the goal list too :)

Since workout wise, I'm doing the best I can, I plan to stay on track. Same goes with food, weight and exercise journal.I really have high hopes for April!

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