Wednesday, April 4, 2012

My header explained and no snacking :)

Did you what my header for the month of April says? – For the tough get going. My workouts at the gym are getting pretty intense. The Scientist pointed out this morning that I am now walking on that thin line that separates healthy eating from under eating and over exercise from optimal exercise! The result is that with my calorie intake hovering around 1200-1300 and good work out sessions, in additional to my home and official responsibilities, I am totally out of steam by the night. In fact, I go to sleep moments after Chittu does, staying awake just to spend time with the toddler.

I am however, promptly up in the morning, readying myself for the gym, as the Scientist and Chittu are still asleep. I’d rather just make it to the gym, because I just feel better about myself on the days I do. In contrast, on days I don’t go to the gym, I obsess over how I should compensate for the missed work out.

Foodwise, I have got my snacking well within control, and I have been able to successfully avoid the chips and biscuits. I have also been able to stay off rice for three days now. It’s surprising how easily these things sneak in, causing me to innocently wonder why the weight does not budge. Then it takes me so much focused hard work to eliminate that stuff. And then something happens and I am back to the old grind again. I realize its so easy to get caught in that rut. My long term goal should be work my way away from this net!

I also need to get my measurements done, to keep track of how effective my personal workout sessions are. It will be nice to have inches for comparison, in case the scale decides to be a stubborn guy! However it is important that I make progress in terms of slimming down!

Those are the updates from me. How’s the summer treating you guys?

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  1. Sounds like the snacking is under control - good for you because that can be so difficult! Make sure you eat enough to fuel your daily life and workouts or you can begin to get run down.


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