Friday, April 20, 2012

Cos life just got too quick for me!

Lately, life has got one step (or may be more) ahead of me. Twenty four hours is insufficient for the baby, the husband, my job, cooking, cleaning, running the home, attending to family/ needs and my continuing weight loss effort. Social life is besides the point, and I have no inclination. My full time domestic help- Maami’s been gone for five days, now, and even though I have family to help, things are still pretty much a mess.

I decided to stay off the gym for two days this week, because I was too tired to lay out my gym clothes at night. I hope to make up during the weekend, but I still will give my body a chance. I don’t want to overdo anything as my energy is ebbing at a low, and I find that I’m losing the fun that should come with so many things in life, that are not so bad, afterall.

My blog therefore, is a bit neglected and so is my food journal, though, I don’t thin kmy eating habits have gone haywire. The scale will tell. Meanwhile, please bear with me. I am catching up with life as such, and shall return to my regular blogging self soon J

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