Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The winds of change & just for laughs!

Yesterday, as I walked into my home from work, the Scientist exclaimed that I looked like a College Girl! Yes the Scientist, is a complete sweetheart that way, and if not for his support, I wonder how far along I would have come on this journey.

Yes, I have decided to be patient, and shut up and not rant about the number on the scale. I am going to be the quite, diligent worker, who goes about my business, and leave the rest to happen as best as it should. I must click a picture of myself. May be there will be a halo?

As I have said, Maami’s absence leaves me with a home full of work to be done, and then there’s the job and the gym and generally life which also demands my time. On the professional front, I am in a bit if turbulent weather and am listening to the winds of change. Foodwise, I have stopped journaling, because I am a superwoman, and when I close my eyes at night, the number of calories I have consumed in a day does a thank-you ballet in front of my eyes. But seriously, I have been eating a cookie here and there, some ice cream from the freezer, some sweets from the promotion party at work place and the such. I don’t think I’m losing weight, but also hope I’m not gaining. The gym continues to be my early morning temple of routine and my only source of endorphins. Will you be offended if I say I have begun to find great joy in doing 10 unassisted machine pull ups? Or running a 5k on the treadmill? Please don’t be. I am, but a mortal whose only goal of life, right now, is to get thin!

Sorry, that was my attempt at humour. I cannot tolerate the other serious things that are going on in life right now. So some laughs? Anyone?


  1. Congratulations on the promotion!
    You will get there Sugar... Sooner or later... But I really believe, that u WILL get there :-)

  2. Dear Sugar,

    Seems that your days are super busy but good thing is that you are eating healthy.

    OMG, do you run 5k on treadmill, kudos girl. I could never manage that. Good show.

    Lots of love


  3. You have a sweet hub girl! congrats for that! and also for your humour!love....shehnaz.

  4. yes thats my reaction too OMG me, the over weight, out of shape, fat, gone-thru-dual fracture me, can breeze thru a 5k!!!i must try one out of the treadmill though!


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