Thursday, April 12, 2012

Eating while working out! A blessing that came to me :)

I saw this post at The Tippy Toe Diet and it brought a lot of things into the right perspective about how to eat while strength training or intense cardio training. Please head to Cammy’s blog and read it, specially those of  you who, like me, are engaging in an intense form of physical activity.

I strength train 2/3 times a week and cardio 2/3 times a week for roughly an hour (warm up/stretching time etc included) and found through a very very bad way that I was just not eating right AT ALL. I mean, I do understand that we need to create a calorie deficit and all. But I went to an extreme and found my entire system shutting down by 5 p.m, which meant I was feeling sleepy and was unable to focus on work or think straight. I just wanted to go home, curl up and go to sleep.

As if a prayer was answered, I saw this yesterday and have figured out my eating options while still being within calorie range. I feel much better today. So its still possible, I realized, to create a calorie deficit without burning out!

Ok. I’ll shut up now. Please head here, all of you!

But also let me know how you guys do it. It will really help!


  1. thanks for the article. not that i am working out with the intensity that you are, but good to file for future refrence.
    Also I am glad you figured things out, u can now get back into a good routine and blast the fat away!! hehe!

    1. you are welcome prachi :)

      guess I need a rocket to blast the fat off :) you are funny :)

  2. Thank you for the link and mention!

    I still catch myself "under-fueled" now and then. That mindset of eating less is a hard one to defeat. :)

    1. really? does that happen? sometimes I wish I were a nutritionist :)


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