Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Statutory Warning: Ranty post ahead!

Ok, now I’m really battling the funk. I just don’t. feel. up. to. anything. Period.

My feet are swelling again. And when I get up from my chair at work, the stiffness in my ankles hurts me, and my knees too! I figured that rice causes my feet to swell, and am staying off rice, for the most part. But the more I realize it’s doing me harm, the more I want to eat it! Self destructive, eh?

Last evening I was dying to get home from work, as my mind was refusing to focus on work, and my body felt very tired. I went home and ate some rice ( about ¼ cup) with liquidy kootu (spiced dal with vegetables) that was left over from lunch and a banana. Whether those carbs are making me retain water in my feet, I don’t know. The sugar made me feel better. Then I had some watermelon, and then for dinner a cucumber with hummus, yogurt and a teensy bit of upma I had made for the Scientist! I also had a cup of hot chocolate before bedtime!

I had a personal workout session this morning which focused on arms and back, and I feel like my arms will fall off right now! Breakfast was a bowl of oats with a teaspoon of peanut butter and sugar free apricot preserve. I estimate my calorie consumption to about 1400-1500 calories per day, with intense  60 minute exercise sessions atleast 5 times a week. I don’t know if I am eating too little. But anymore than this I end up not losing weight at all, or in fact I gain weight! Or I am eating wrong? I possibly need professional help!

I feel totally fagged out, and not in a mood for office work. Or it the summer? Or my hormones at play? That time of the month? I’m not sure what! I’m not feeling good!


  1. Dear Sugar,

    Buck up girl. See you have already come a long way and now only few miles are left. You can take a little rest if you want and then start towards your target again. We all have these down days and then we bounce back, I am sure you will rise and shine tomorrow.

    Consider a good massage, it will relax your body and will take away the pain due to your intense workout.

    Lots of love


    1. Dear Shiva :) yes I have come this far. But I have a long way o go before I settle down at a comfortable weight!I just want to get this thing done with. It has become an obsession now ( bit negative may be?)

      Yes you are right. Massage! oh yes. I did get one while on vacation and may be its time for another?


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