Monday, April 9, 2012

Fighting the funk and other updates!

I'm back! I was fighting the funk, and was in a completely crappy mood, weight loss wise. Yesterday, i.e. Sunday was so bad that after my weekly rice based meal promise, I wanted to dig into an endless tub of chocolate icecream. The scale was not helping and did not reward me one bit for the exceptional temptation control and solid workouts I gave myself last week!

Hence, I totally did not feel like a whirwind week post or a weekly work out update & recipe promise post, though my kitchen has churned some fantastic healthful food. In addition extended family was here over the long weekend, and I'm proud to say my eating did not go overboard, by any measure. At lunch I stuck to my order of soup and dal, nibbling off the Scientists plate. I was able to counter tempting offers cajoling me to eat the oily  restaurant food with snug replies, that sent the message loud and clear!

My low spirits were lifted this morning only after a killer work out that my personal trainer put together for me. My personal training sessions are going very well, and I feel strong and agile after every session. The magic of exercise, I tell you!

The promotion season in office began today, with the first round of celebratory sweets being sent around. I must admit I gave in to sugar temptation! I have planned out how to resist in the future, however. So thats it. The jouney continues. I have roighly another 12 kgs to goal, and this seems to be taking forever!


  1. hey hang in there sugar! you have been going great with your workout and snacking control.

  2. As Roosevelt says - 'When you get to the end of the rope, tie a knot and hang on' You have been going so strong; you will get it! Stay there :-)

    1. :) yes i know I must. But sometimes when I weigh myself and see no progress or a gain, I either want to cry or eat pav bhaji from the pav bhaji wallah outside office!!

      thanks for the support. It makes a huge difference to me!


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