Monday, April 30, 2012

The return of the Whirlwind Weekend

True to my promise, I am back with the Whirlwind Weekend posts. According to the Scientist, we drove 150 kms this weekend. Just within the city. Meeting friends, eating out, family time and socializing time. I also caught up on sweet sleep though, and was able to face a cheery Monday morning!
Saturday began with a personal training session and I was left a feeling that my arms were dangling from my shoulders on a really thin thread. I returned home for a light breakfast in view of a possibly heavy lunch. We basically went across the city to meet some friends, then there was lunch followed by an airport visit!At lunch I ordered a big bowl of soup and skipped the bread. For ane arly dinner, I had a high-protein smoothie at the airport with a brown bread sandwich which were so yummy that I failed to notice that little Chittu was coming crashing to the ground along with a chair, whose headrest he was trying to conquer like a throne.
We returned home and hit the sack early, along with the little guy. Sunday, we planned pizza for lunch at a new US based Pizza chain, in view of Maami’s impending return. Lunch was hearty and a different pizza with plenty of veggies on a thin crust. Dessert was skipped and I curled up next to Chittu for a noonly siesta. As I was dozing off, I remembered it was my Brother’s birthday. So the call was made and we met for dinner. We ordered so much that we packed home most of the main course. Yummy food, I must say!
With Maami’s return and the end of April, we are limping back to normalcy. The good news and bad news came and went. And although I have not lost much weight, at least I have not put on any. No inch loss too. Just the same old me!
Although its going to be the month of May, I SHALL start it off with added power. Foodwise, there’s plenty of scope for correction. Better plans on the anvil. More accountability needed too. Regular blogging shall return. Mood will be uplifted. It may be the month of May but this is going to be a Shall month!
Will see you soon with April's round up and May's shalls!


  1. So whirlwind weekends are back. I love reading about your weekends as they are packed with so much action and you narrate the events so well. I was kind of missing your whirlwind weekend posts.



  2. Shiva :) I love you and the kind comments you leave.


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