Wednesday, May 2, 2012

April Goals Review and May's Shalls

Calling in sick this morning. Yesterday was a holiday, and though I thought I would get my May goals and April review up, I could not accomplish that, because, I have a crippling back pain. May be I went wrong with deadlifts at the gym. May the weights were too much. Or may be something is wrong with my stomach because I feel a lot of gassy bloat in my abdomen. I guess despite my attempts to be nonchalant about it, the pain has got to me, and I must visit the doctor and figure it out!

Anyway while sick, lets do a quick recap of April:

1. Limit refined carbohydrate to once a week.(No to the rice which is regularly creeping into my lunch plate)
Complete fail there. Towards the end of April I was eating rice at every meal. May be just a cup or so, but still eating rice. Coming to think of it, the more I think I should stay away from rice, The more I feel the urge to eat it.

2. Stop snacking specially when not hungry.(No to the biscuits and chips I have taken to lately!)
Again total fail there. My evil habit of midnight snacking is right back. And I find myself reaching for the Scientist's snacks when I wake up minight for the baby's milk.

3. Try the 90/10 rule that Lori has done ( stay on plan 90% of the time). Assuming I have six meals a day (one prework out, breakfast, lunch, dinner and two snacks) means I have a total of 42 meals a week. 10 % means 4 meals. That should give me some leg room for indulgence!
Fail there as well. Eating was all over the place last month. I must get my act together, if I want to lose any more weight!

4.Summer is hot this time, and fluids must be monitored. So that is in the goal list too :)
Ever since I began losing weight I have upped my average water consumption. I can't really say I failed much here, but I did not monitor/ record/ journal fluid intake!

Since workout wise, I'm doing the best I can, I plan to stay on track. Same goes with food, weight and exercise journal.I really have high hopes for April!

Journalling went out of the window as well for lame reasons.

The only bright side of April was that both the Scientist and me faced professional changes. The news was good for him, but bad for me. There have been a change of long term plans. However there has been no weight gain from turbulent emotions. I'm thankful. I'm barely under the 80 mark and will hopefully take it down from here this month.

Another bright side is the fact despite getting so busy on the wrok and family front, I still worked out atleast 5 times a week. Exercise has now become enjoyable for me. Its a stress buster, a time I get to be with myself and get some focus, basically, it turns out to be the best part of most days for me. 

Now to May's shalls:

1. I shall banish night time snacking. 

2. I shall get my weight moving downwards again.

3. I shall get back to journalling.

4. I shall continue to exercise regularly.

Hoping for a better month, this time. What are your May's shalls?


  1. Can I please just tell you what an awesome job you're doing?

    Quit with the guilt already! You're an inspiration!

    1. kind words! Thankyou very much.

  2. hey hope u feel better soon

    1. Thanks Prachi! I am on the road to recovery!


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