Thursday, May 3, 2012

Buttermilk Rice In A Tambrahms DNA!

Being TamBrahm the love for butter milk rice is coded in our DNA since generations immemorial. Buttermilk rice is usually the cure for all ailments. Naturally so, because of the probiotics in buttermilk and the low fat but high energy nature of rice. Teamed with plain salted, dehydrated (sundried) citron pickle, it is the ultimate cure for gastric troubles, upset stomachs and even as a soothing meal in hot summer months.

During my childhood, I remember us children being given buttermilk rice around 2 in the afternoon, after our morning session of outdoor play was over. It was a perfect meal, because it was yummy, filling and cooling for the rancid summer months of Chennai.

Manytimes, after a heavy meal, you find a tambrahm grandmother insisting that a small bit of buttermilk rice be ingested to ensure that the digestive tract is kept in good health. Sometimes it is referred to as if it is virtually caloriefree. Only after calorie counting these last few months, have I been iformed that a cup of white rice has about 250 calories *gasp* 

The reason I went into the flash back above was because, over the last few days, I am facing some bad stomach related issues. Mostly "gas" problems due to bad eating hours. My first thought was to soothe my stomach with the said butter milk rice. But fearful of the calories that rice is loaded with I held back. My situation worsened, and physical discomfort grew. I gave in, and resorted to the old cure. I also visited the doctor today, who recommended I eat buttermilk rice.

Doubtless, I feel far better. The grandmother's cure worked after all, along side the doc's meds. As for my weight, that's a different story. First focus is on getting better. Getting back to gym and office. But while at home, I shall take a noonly siesta.


  1. Sugar,My eldest is a total fan of buttermilk rice.How I wish my second one too liked it.I consider it to be a superfood,what say? Though there are calories in it,it can be fed to a baby too! Have been making this too many times.(I know it isnt rocket science,but a mangalorean carnivore doesnt see much of this!)And hey,so proud am I ,of my eldest,for making healthy choices already.It goes a long way, doesnt it? did I steer off topic?!,Love,Shehnaz.

    1. Shehnaz, yes yogurt rice is a super food in a way. Esp for children, with all their play and hyperactivity!

      When children make good food choices, naturally, it really makes us mom heave a sigh of relief. I myself, am not a natural healthy eater. But when I see that my son is, it does make me happy!!!


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