Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Delayed Whirwind weekend and Other updates

Sorry guys! I know its too late, but better late than never, right?

The last weekend, was a complete whirlwind. We made a dashing visit to Chennai and back. It's ringing weding bells in our family, and I'm so excited. 

Therefore there is so much motivation for me to shed some more weight. I have been maintaining for a while now, and it's mostly because of my eating ways. I must bite the bullet soon! Sometimes it stresses me out to think that I have 12 kgs to go to reach goal weight. I was supposed to achieve that by August this year. 12 kgs in four months does not sound difficult, but given the plateau I have been maintaining, I wonder how much more time this is going to take me. Sigh!

Back to happy stuff, this weekend, also saw me on the road to recovery and my stomach and back have return to their usual forgiving selves :)

Although there was no workout during the weekend, I was glad that I was feeling better. Energy levels have returned, and I should be getting back to my exercise regimen soon! Food front, I was kind to my stomach after the tumult it was going through and fed it very often to ensure acidity was at bay. 

Healthy eating has resumed, and I am enforcing portion control. I do eat rice/ wheat/ brown bread in small quantities, and honestly, I wonder if this will slow down weight loss for me. Initially, when I started losing weight, I tried to follow the South Beach Diet, and lost a good lot of weight on phase 1. I have lately not been able to follow the stringent phase 1, though I know it works marvels on my body! Reading stuff on the internet also makes me wonder whether I am insulin resistent, as I seem to have all the indications of that. However, I shall resort to it, if I don't see results even after curbing my unhealthy snacking habits. Snacking has been fairly under control, and that is mainly because my pantry has almost nothing I am tempted to snack on!

Anyhow, I don't want to turn this into a disjoint rambling post, and will culminate by saying that week 1 has been good so far as May's goals. 

How is your May coming along? Do leave me a line?

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  1. Glad things are back on track. Well, I am insulin resistant, so if you have any questions, lemme know.


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