Thursday, May 10, 2012

Low Carbing for me, a recipe without a picture and some tough resolve!

Wow!! The week has gone by pretty fast. Evening showers in Bangalore have made the evenings cool and breezy and I find it easy to plan dinner. During the colder months, I easily resort to soup for dinner with a side of veggies/ lentil creps/ fruit. During the hot summer, I find it very hard to find cool eating options for me. I'm not one to be too excited by raw vegetable, and therefore cold soups do not make a personal favourite.

I'd love to have put up a picture of my dinner here, because that was how it was perfect, yummy and filling.

Carrot soup with Rajma (kidney beans) & Paneer:

You will need : 
about 3 mediumsized carrots
one onion
panner 25-30 gms
cooked rajma beans - a handful
milk 150 ml
Salt to taste
Spices as your preference

Slice the onion length wise and saute in a few drops of oil until translucent. Meanwhile peel and chop the carrots into rings. Add the crrots and saute. Once combined well, add a cup of water and let it cook a while. Alternately, you may also pressure cook the onion carrot mixture. 

Once well cooked, let it cool. Then transfer to a mixie/blender and blend to desired consistency. You will be presented with a charming orange puree. Transfer back to stove top. Add the milk, then salt and spices. Your carrot soup is ready. I added a bit of cornstarch to the soup as my soup had got a bit watery.

Since, I love one dish meals, I added some sauteed rajma beans and paneer to give my soup a protein fix. I garnished with some freshly ground pepper, red chilli flakes (for I am a lover of spicy food) cumin powder and oregano.

If only I had a picture! Next time, I promise. Even little Chittu loved it.

In other news, I have avoided the mid night snacking bug primarily because my pantry has no tempting food AT ALL. I am also working on limiting refined carbohyfrate intake. Eating refined carbs in moderation simply does not help in weight loss, for me. I did cut myself some slack and loosened my eating rules a bit. But time to bring back the time defined goal into focus. I really want to make it to goal. And there is no easy way up the mountain!


  1. hey sounds yummy. thanks I am too always on the look out for easy dinner ideas!

    1. :) always. I pick up these ideas on blogs too. This method of soup making , i love :)not posted in a long time!

  2. The soup really sounds good! Will try this sans the Rajma :-)

    1. sure! I hoe you like it as much as I did :)


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