Monday, May 14, 2012

Was that the weekend that went by?

I don't know why, but it feels like ages since I went to office! Still every Sunday night, I feel so dazed and unwanted. As if suddenly the world became a lonely place for me.
Saturday morning began with a super aerobic workout! Seriously, my hamstrings still hurt. The Scientist had called me from the airport at 6 a.m. to tell me he was on the taxi home. He was away on business for a week. I told him I was heading to the gym and would meet him a bit later. That's my level of commitment! I got home from my workout, fixed myself breakfast, because I have learnt the hard way, that I must eat beakfast even if I'm not ravenously hungry. Inevitably, skipping breakfast thinking I'll make an early lunch, will just not work out, and by lunch time, I'll have a headache and just eat evrything in sight!
So I sat down with my morning tea accompanied by brown bread sandwich with hummus. Yum, and filling. After a wholesome, home cooked lunch we all tiped right back in bed. Ah! The saturday siestas! Bliss. We went to meet a friend in the evening. On the bus ride to the said friend's house, I told the Scientist that we'd get back home for dinner. I really want to cut back on eating out, as I know that restaurant food seriously hampers weight loss for me! We did not get back home for dinner, but instead ate at the friend's house, where I tried to eat as little roti and rice as possible! There was some tasty dal, which I totally pigged out on, though!

We took the bus ride back home and little Chittu loved it! Sunday morning, I got to work by trying to clear up the dirty laundry the Scientist had brought back. Again I diligently made myself breakfast, even though no one else was interested in any! Sunday's breakfast was lentil crepes with ketchup. Again, low carb and yummy!
We were complete home birds on Sunday, wandering out of the house, only to get the weekly veggie supply! The blackening sky allayed our plan of a trip to the park with the little guy. The Scientist and I caght up on lot of chatter over the weekend and were basically rejuvinated by Sunday night, except the little fellow was running a fever. After a dose or two of paracetamol, we managed to catch some sleep, before I hit the gym early this morning!
Are my posts getting too wordy for you guys to handle? I must try to sneak some pictures in. But I need a proper camera before that! I will leave you for now, but will return with some good pictures the next post.
How was your weekend, folks? And how are your May goals coming along?


  1. hi sugar....

    I like all ur posts.......

    i am also trying to weight today's weight is 77.2 kgs....

    I want to loose 5 kgs more by the end of june.....actually i am planning for the 2nd baby....

    Dr asked me loose weight.....can u pls help me out.....whole week i m doing good but at the end of week all fails with outside food.....

    1. hi!! thanks for reading my blog :) and your kind comment!

      sure :) i can help you in any way - be it motivation ideas or guidance, though I am no pro at weight loss!

      drop me a mail at and I'll be sure to reply :)


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