Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Midweek crisis!

Man is it only Wednesday? I am ready for the weekend already!

I skipped my workout today. It was raining outside and I just did not have it in me to get up and go to the gym.

I've been feeling a bit off. A bit out of my element. I wish someone would give me my healthy food on a plate. I wish someone would cut up the mangoes lying in the fridge and serve on a plate. I wish some one would spray insect repellant to keep the roaches out of home. I wish someone made me a cup of tea, the way I like it. And the kitchen cleaning? And oh, the pile of clothes that Chittu has grown out of? The unripened mango waiting to be pickled? Cleaning the corners here and there?

Does it sound like I run my home all by myself? In fact, no. I have a full time help who manages Chittu and some other things at home. I have a husband who will make a cup of tea if I ask him to, or even cook if I ask. But the issue is me. I like my tea to taste a certain way, and my food cooked a certain way, and the dishes arranged a certain way. Do I sound like an alien? Or a Nazi?

I promise, no. I know I'll shake off this laziness. Its just a matter of time.


  1. Oh Sugar, I too like my tea taste just the way I make!And rains induce laziness ,dont they?But you are NOT a lazy girl!I admire you for the bulk you shook off your body!

  2. :) thanks for the kind words Shehnaz. I love the compliments you give me :) makes me feel out of the world!


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