Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Burst of the bubble!

Sometimes what happens is quite annoying. I woke up this morning to weigh myself and found that my weighing scale has conked off. A small piece of metal fell off from the place where I insert the batteries. Sob! I do not have a spare weighing scale just in case some of you wonder.

So first wednesday weigh in post is a total fail!

In other news, I'm back to feeling like a bloated hot air baloon. So now its pretty clear that my digestive system is totally messed up. I'm taking the same prescription meds the doc gave me last time, plus my own home remedies. I'm feeling a bit better now after feeling totally lousy all morning. I could not even go the gym so that I could weigh myself at the scale there. Oops!

 I am eating my favourite buttermilk rice, which I believe is asnwer to all my problems. But we all know how much rice messes up my weight loss. Once again, just when I really wanted to conquer the fat, I am down with health issues.

I have ordered a weighing scale through e-bay. Lets see how fast that come. Yesterday's weigh in showed 77.9 kg. with plenty of bloat and gas. Lets see if I can weigh in next wednesday!

And oh I almost forgot- I did my first June run yesterday morning. I slow jogged my way through some mainroads of Bangalore city early in the morning. I felt totally invogorated and confident, despite being the (ugly?)  over weight runner on the road! My estimate of yesterday's run is about 5-k. I hope I will increase the number of runs and work on pace and distance too. Lets see.


  1. U ran! Wow - the estimate is commendable! That is just great Sugar; I run about 100 meters and I start huffing and puffing :-)

  2. yep i did run! remember I have been consistently exercising for about one and a half years now! Stamina is built up slowly!

  3. Sugar,when I read your "run" posts, I get a hope about running someday.I have always been active,despite being overweight, but this stupid knee is hurting me,and I donot dare to run! Its been over three years ,since I have run.And your posts give me hope! Thanks for all that !

  4. :) sure sweetie. Its very very important to get the injury to heal. Hope you are on somekind of physiotherapy!That really helped to get me moving!

  5. Oh!!! That's bad re, hopw you are feeling better now. And that was a great run re!!!
    Decided where to buy the M/c from?


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