Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Plans for June!

In the month of June, I shall be away from home for three weeks. I will be in Chennai first to attend an engagement and later shall be working on a professional goal. While I will be staying at a relatives home, I am faced with the challenge of :

1. not having access to my kitchen
2. not having access to my gym
3. not having a mode of commute

However, I am atleast 10 kilos from my goal weight, and therefore am planning the little details of how I will continue to lose weight during the three weeks that I am going to be in Chennai. I say I will, because I am still aiming to hit goal weight in August this year.

For exercise:

1. I shall run at the park which is atleast 5 km away from my home (i have not micro planned how I will achieve that though!)
2. Alternately I shall take brisk walks morning and evenings.
3. I shall also try to do some mat exercises to maintain the muscle strength I have built so far.I shall carry my purple yoga mat!

For weight:

1. I shall carry my weighing machine so that I can weigh in often.
2. I shall also be careful to carry well fitted clothes so that I can be in control of what I eat.
3. I will do a weigh in post for four wednesdays beginning on the first wednesday of June i.e.. tomorrow.
4. I shall aim to lose 4 kgs in June, because I have to.

For food:

This is the biggest challenge for me. I have to work on the food part to ensure that I continue to lose weight.

1. I shall carry my food journal with me and continue to record food intake.
2. I shall try to stay clear from white rice completely.
3. I shall pack everyday a lunch of a fruit, protein, vegetables, dairy and plenty of water so that I do not get overly hungry.
4. I shall also carry an extra fruit , nuts and some cucumber just to stay prepared for hunger pangs.
5. I shall carry from Bangalore sufficient snack supplies so that I am not allowed the lame excuse of not being able to access the supermarket for things I need.

My main concern is the workouts. I know I stay on track with food when I am exercising. Although I have plannedto walk/run as often as possible, I am still a bit worried. I just dont want to mess up now.


  1. Replies
    1. wow! that was quick :) thanks girle! i need it!

  2. wow can u pass over some of ur determination and focus on to me..

    1. thats the purpose of this blog, dear. May you be inspired!

  3. Two words - Great Plan :-)

    1. :) sure the plan is great. I am the queen of planning. But executing, no so much. I really home to be able to lose some weight this month and get closer to goal!

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