Friday, June 8, 2012

Hi! From chennai

Hey guys! I,m posting from chennai and typing this post from my iPad. So please excuse typos that will occur. Quick post today , I'm proud of myself and my food behaviour. At the engagement yesterday, I ate carefully but with single serving of the dessert. I also discovered that gulab jamuns need not necessarily come in pairs! After the function the house is predictably flooded with sweets, and though the mid night bug was about to strike I kept him at bay! Hi5. At the airport too I did not give into temptation and ate the parathas I packed for Chittu and me. Another sign of progress? I took a slow paced 30 minute jog at the neighbourhood park this morning. So been pretty good on the exercise front too! No rice today but may be a little too much fruit? Thats way better than stuffing my mouth with laddoo, going on a guilt trip and fighting the sugar cravings. My weighing scale is on its way and may be the new one will have a better display than the old so I'll be able to post pictorial weigh ins. That's it for now. Will post once I get my computer synched with the Internet connection here.

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  1. Hey good going :)
    Even I have been on track and losing something daily :)
    Good luck!


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