Friday, June 1, 2012

How May I have fared?

I would have loved to see the 76s this month. Oh well! I did see a 77.2 one day and a 77.8 today (with swollen ankles!), but now I’m wondering if that was just dehydration? I have been fairly good with my goals:

1.Banish the night time snacking habit

Complete victory on this one. Banished.Completely. Well almost!

2. Get my weight moving downwards.

Not massively. But I did. 1.5 kg weight loss. I aimed for 3 though. How else will I weigh 67 on 21st August 2012?

3. Get back to journalling

Yessir!Got entries for most days. As per my estimate I consumed about 1500 calories on average per day. Almost no binges except for a single slice of pizza!!

4. Continue to exercise regularly

Aha! Affirmative. I worked out 5 days a week with 2/3 days of strength training and 2/3 days at the cardio section. I also got 2 aerobic dance classes on tap. Go me!

So, although I’ve been doing pretty well, I want results a bit faster. Or let's say,  I am going to aim for it and make small changes.

Here they are:

1. I am going to run. I might cycle the mileage a bit depending on time available, but I shall run!

2. I am going to keep wheat/brown rice/insert complex carbohydrate in the form of grain to one serving at breakfast or lunch and one snack about 100 calories.

3. Am going to make my meals smaller, but more frequent.

I am not going to be in Bangalore from early June until the end. So losing in June, is a complete challenge. But I have to.  The details of June planning shall follow soon!

But June goals are:

1. Lose 4 kgs to reach a weight of 73

2. Continue to food journal

3. Exercise regularly

4.Cut out/ reduce added sugar

5.Banish the snacking habit.

I want to speed up weight loss a bit. Any other suggestions?


  1. Way to go girl!!!!
    I am sure you can achieve your goal!!!
    It is is just the determination that will take us where we want to :)

    1. :) yes but sometimes its very hard to see scale lou :)

  2. Suggestions?! You are doing just great Sugar :-)

    1. thanks! I want to make it to goal!

  3. Replies
    1. thanks girl! I hope the streak continues!


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