Sunday, June 3, 2012

A slow yet eventful weekend

The Scientist left for an overseas trip leaving the toddler and me to be by ourselves. I did not workout at the gym. Neither did I run as per my monthly goal. because my feet have felt a bit painful! But I did A LOT of house work - changed the curtains, got rid of clothes that had become too small for Chittu, cleared clutter that had piled up in a corner to be taken of later, organised the little guys toys, books & clothes and basically have a sparkling home right now :) The house clean up job is always so gratifying, I tell you.

Saturday we went for a private screening of the movie - Madagascar 3. 

Oh it was too good. I loved it!  It was Chittu's first time at the theatre. However, he did not have much of an experience as he and his grandfather left the theatre and spent most of the time outside as the sounds were presumably too much for the little guy to handle. We went for the noon show after I cooked for the family, fed the little guy and ate my breakfast on the bus. I also mindfully packed an apple and a granola bar to carry with me lest I be tempted by the free food - namely popcorn, chocolate doughnut and coke that came with the movie tickets. I am proud to say that although I did take the free food at the insistence of the mother-in-law I ate none of it! Progress I tell you!

We took the long bus ride back home, after which I made myself lunch. After a short nap, it was mango time. We had bought organic mangoes from Jaivik mall, and man they sure taste a whole lot better than the other mangoes available at the market. Dinner for me was sauteed cauli-brocolli which I made three batches. I could not resist but take a few bites of the curd rice I made for the rest of the family.

Sunday mornimg, I did some more home cleaning after sleeping in a little late. I had breakfast of a slice of rye bread with low fat laughing cow cheese wedge with morning tea and the Sunday Hindu. Bliss. Then I made a simple lunch with string beans and chickpeas cooked and sauteed with onions. Filling though.

After lunch, I put the little guy for his afternoon nap and headed to meet the slightly under the weather Sangeetha of me versus fat. I came back home and headed out again with Chittu to the park Good bonding time and fantastic exercise, carrying a baby upto the park. We came back and washed up to finish the last of the organic mangoes :(

Dinner for me, was another batch of cauli-broccoli with whole wheat pasta. Yum! and this for dessert!!!

 Review shall follow soon. Workout clothes are set and I'll probably try to catch up on some reading while the Scientist is away. 

Lots more to tell you guys, but I shall stop here for the post is already too verbose. More later! Hope you guys had a terrific weekend.


  1. So you had a good time :)
    Even I cleaned my kitchen yesterday and seriously there is always so much to do :(


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