Saturday, July 28, 2012

Thursday's run - A delayed post from my drafts!

After a three day hiatus from exercise, I did an awesome run this morning. 6k. Just in case this sounds too impressive, let me confirm that my first2.5 k is continuous with no walk breaks. And then I slow down and take walk breaks when I have to cross the road or my legs feel too tired!

I went to dance class on Sunday, was out of town on Monday and have been drowning in work the last two days. Literally! So last night, before I went to sleep, I laid out my work out clothes, woke up early and headed out. The weather, as usually is in Bangalore was so beautiful. I never EVER regret a run in the beauty outside.

 Because of the central location where I live, I hit the road for a run, even though I can head to a  park in the vicinity. Somehow running on the road makes me feel more errmmm professional!??? I therefore get to run on the arterial roads of the city including the famous MG Road (with sights of the Metro). My running route is also fairly green. I managed to snap a picture today!

The cause of my personal stress last week has almost been sorted out, and I will wait until the whole thing is 100% sorted, until I make a formal announcement here, lest I get jinxed and everything just blows up. May be because I'm feeling much calmer, my gastritis/stomach ulcers seem to be greatly relieved and I am feeling MUCH better, though  I still am on medications.

Food wise, I have been on a carb fest! I really need to cut back, I know, but am waiting, until I feel 100% alright! Ocassional candy, bakery biscuits, sweets etc also have found their way into my tummy!

Weight wise, I am maintaining, though this is NOT the weight I would like to maintain at!

I will leave you with a picture of Chittu on our home ladder. I was reaching into the loft this morning to fish out something.


  1. Nice to hear fom u Sugar! I bet running on MG road is fun! :-)

    1. oh my! fun and liberating! cos its like i dont care abt my big butt any more :)

  2. Good good :) So is it a new job?? :)

    Chittu looks so cute :)

    1. nah! not a new job yet.. something else far more entertaining.. updates soon!

  3. Good photo Sugar. I like your nosering:-) Keep going!


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