Thursday, October 25, 2012

The holiday mish-mash!

Yesterday, was a much needed break. After the wedding madness, I just wanted to be home and cool off. Since we got back home from Chennai, I found that I was in a perpetual state of sleepiness. Its not like I worked too hard during the wedding, but still my body and mind needed a HOLIDAY.
I raced out of bed yesterday morning, for a run! Glorious weathr I tell you. I did 8 kms in 70 minutes. My pace is picking up SLOWLY. Right now, I am focussing on endurance and stamina more than the speed. I feel that as I get lighter, my speed will improve. So I returned home a happy camper to find the Scientist and little Chittu fresh out of bed.
I fixed myself breakfast to go with my morning chai, because my stomach was GROWLING!! Gosh! these runs make me ravenous sometimes. Since yesterday was the final day of Navaratri, I decided to indulge the family in some good traditional festival food. Since we had been mostly out, I had laxed out a bit on the festivity. But made up for it yesterday with - the vadai, payasam and morkozhambu ensemble ( for those that dont get it - its just traditional tam-brahm cooking).
The toddler was mighty hungry by lunch and my cooking turned out pretty good too. The Scientist appreciated it and made his wife happy!! Honestly, the Husband is the main reason I cook. He loves home cooked food and also openly appreciates when the cooking is tasty. I usually try to add the healthy twist by ensuring the carbs-proteins- veggies are balanced out!!! But really, I am super lazy when it comes to getting into the kitchen.
Well, since we had not yet watched  English-Vinglish ( which we both loved too!), the Husband and I sneaked out for two hours for the afternoon show leaving the toddler behind with Maami. When we returned the Scientist suggested we take Chittu out somewhere. Lalbagh it was! To watch the ducks and the sun set. We enjoyed a leisurely 3km stroll, and brought up my yesterdays mileage alone to 11 kms. Sounds good, no? I think I might be almost ready for the Bangalore Ultra - 12.5k run on 11.11.2012. Oh and did I mention?My new reebok shoes seem to have eased out the knee pains for me!
I saw a weight gain this morning and I think all those sweets are catching up with me. I have put away the excess sweets in a place I wont access, and hope taht will be the solution to my problem. I did body pump today and think I might have a quivering body for hitting the weights after a week long break! It will be yoga tomorrow and long run on Saturday! I know I am rocking the workouts. I just need to work on the food aspect. Oflate, its become so so hard. I know I really need to watch the food the help me get rid of the last ten. Sometimes I am tempted to give up. But not now. Surely not. Let's see, I aim to lose a bit before the end of this month!Will I see a 77?


  1. Hi :) I discovered your blog recently and read it from day one till date. I am super impressed with your diligence and effort. I've attempted weight-loss a thousand times and failed (of my own account, I assure you). Recently I've begun again; but this time I feel there is something radically different. I am so intensely focussed this fact, mildly obsessed, I think :) I drop by regularly to read your posts and feel inspired :) Keep at it ! All the best !

    1. Dear wanderer,

      Many thanks for your kind words. I hope you will keep coming here and find the stuff I write useful.
      I am glad to hear about your story. My best wishes to you and keep blogging!


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