Friday, December 21, 2012

Friday, A plan and the lack of scale love

Friday, you guys and nothing makes me happier!
Fridays mean I have the option of a power yoga class in the evening. Which means the alarm does not ring through the cold dark mornings. Funny how I woke up this morning all worried at seeing that it had brightened outside. The Scientist asked me:" Its Friday, no? Don't you have Yoga in the evening?" And I went back into the sheets :) Glorious, unhurried morning, with absolutely NO scale love!
I have a plan, now. I have fixed up an appointment with my thyroid specialist/ endocrinologist to discuss regarding the scales refusing to move, despite my dedicated efforts. I will see what he says and will take it from there. I understood from some internet trolling that thyroid disorders are usually associated with a Vit b12 deficiency. Vit B 12 helps the body to convert stored fat to energy. Well, I am not going to do any self diagnosis. I will seek professional consultation and see if that helps. The only thing is time. But I believe I might be close to actually finding a solution.
So I think I'm going to stop getting upset each time I see the scale. I will instead focus on the the new habits I have developed of late: 
  • I have been able to stay away from bakery stuff which of course I love - cookies, cakes/ pastries, puffs etc.
  • I exercise 4-5 days a week.
  • I run!! Honestly, I cannot stop being surprised that I run!
  • I try not to eat out. Home cooked food is more wholesome and definitely lower in calories.
  • I have not gone on a sweet eating rampage in a while - as in I can literally eat sweets until the whole box is over. I don't have that urge any more.
My weight is between 77-78. That is by no means an acceptable number. I know its got to come down. While eating lesser is one option - a more viable option, I think is working out more. I am thinking if a short power walk in the evening/ night in addition to my usual exercise routine will rev up my metabolism a bit. The Scientist suggests that I use to Wii fit that is literally gathering up dust at home. I am going to work on organising my time a bit. Lets see if that help.s
Sorry if I have bored you guys. But honestly, I want to conquer the final 10. I know that the maintenance battle might be harder, but the weight loss battle is yet to be complete.


  1. Hi--thankyou for dropping by my page!
    You have lost a lot. Great meeting you
    I'm sure will learn a lot from ya!

    1. thanks Z!! hope to see you here more often!


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