Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New year

First, Happy new year, guys!!

A new year. A clean slate. A fresh beginning. Another opportunity to be, to do, to accomplish, to become, to evolve, to grow, to learn, to realize, to travel and to discover.

It is my sincere wish and prayer that our minds, homes and spaces be filled with positive energies and strengths so as to make this new year as joyful as ever.

My apologies, for prolonged absence and no updates. The last week has been quite a blur. Our plans changed and we did something different from what we had planned. Eating and exercise have not exactly been spectacular. And my weight has not shown much difference too.

It still remains that I have about 10kgs to lose to reach goal weight. It is becoming a painstaking process. But I hope to get there soon!

I have a wishlist for 2013, but there is such a beautiful thing as a surprise. And so I have in my life's journey come to learn that the best things that happen to me are often not the ones I hope for. When 2012 began, little did I know that I would become a runner, have a US visa or get an opportunity to design our own home. And so while I do have targets for this year too, I hope that God will surprise me in more ways than one.

I will leave this post at this, but will promise a year of new challenges, fresh blogging and fitness goals.

How is the party going?


  1. No Party at my end Sugar! I love how you put it that God always suprises us,which is so true. We would want to believe everything is in our control but it most often than not isn't! I realized that when we were pregnant the second time with a (unexplained/suprisingly) with TWINS! so God has a Plan and we need to trust that!

    Happy new year to you! I also plan to become a runner AGAIN after a long break of Twinsanity!

    1. hi Sheetal, many thanks for commenting. Seeing new people on my blog really eggs me on to keep at what I do, despite feeling silly in moments of self doubt.

      Best wishes to you and hope your running dreams are fulfilled.

  2. First, Wish you and your family a very happy new year. I stumbled upon your blog a month ago while I was trying to lose some weight. Motivating blog, love that you keep it honest. I am adding a weight loss section to my blog. Hopefully we both will reach our goals this year.

    I don't comment on blogs much, but you can definitely count on me as a silent reader cheering for you.

    Do check my blog when you get a chance. http://occasionallychic.blogspot.com/


    1. Many thanks Geeta for the kind words. Yes I do keep this space honest because I know I cannot be alone in my struggle!!

      Heres to more success to you on the weight loss front. i'm sure this year will be THE year!

  3. Happy New Year Sugar....!Missed reading your blog in the last 10 days. Great to have you back...take care and good luck !

    1. thanks Smita. Yes it feels back to get back to normalcy!!!


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