Tuesday, December 11, 2012

How come I gained weight? And other updates

Hey guys!

Updates on the challenge:
  • Food-wise, I've been staying put at 1500 calories. Yes may be a bit of sugar and carbs could be broght down, but that's what I have been doing.
  • Exercise-wise, I worked out 5 days of last week, and this week's workouts are going alright too, except for the fact that I just could not run yesterday and had to walk 5k.
  • Weight wise - I saw a figure as low as 76.8 last week. This morning I saw 78.5. I know I cannot gain 2kg of fat from my food. But still the figure just bothers me!
I bit the bullet and have given my blood for a thyroid test. If that comes out fine too, I will have to figure out what else to change and how my weight dipped to 76.8 and crept back up to 78.5. It might be excess oil in the food or more sugar than I think. As I said earlier, I might have to go to a nutritionist. Right now, my only wish is that there is something wrong with my Thyroid function and that Thyroid medication will put me back on the wagon.
Needless to say, I feel extremely bogged down by my efforts and results. But yes I am feeling extremely objective because finally I am willing to do whatever it takes to get rid of the final 10kgs.
The test results should be in this evening. We shall see :)
How are you guys doing?

Edited to add: My thyroid tests came out just fine. So I dont know how I gained 3 kgs in a week after 1500 calories per day and faithful exercise. I weighed in at 79.5 kgs this morning.


  1. Do visit a nutritionist sometimes a change makes a difference....

    1. yes. I guess I will have to. My greatest fear is that the nutritionist will say that everything I am doing is totally wong and that I will have to change every bit of what I am doinbg.

      The fear factor is keeping me from doing it!

    2. But if it is wrong then is it not better that you correct it ASAP?

    3. you are right! sounds so simple. I complicate things a bit :)my fear is my adaptability to change. Yes I will take the help of a nutritionist to drop the final 10.

  2. hey just a thought. maybe you are eating less for your level of exercise. but a nutritionist will be the best guide. Hope your test results give you some solutions for your problems.

  3. Sugar,
    Just my 2 cents.Do you measure self regularly.Becos sometime I see a weight gain or stay at same for long period,still i cud see some inch loss here n there.

    1. Thanks! I do measure. But I find it so inaccurate! Yes I do see minor inch loss :)

      I know i have lost weight - as in I cannot go from 76.8 to 79.5 by eating 1500 cals a day, not eating fried/sweet stuff and exercisign pretty hard. But I wonder what is causing the weight gain!!!

    2. you are gaining muscle! ;)

  4. :) I'd like to believe so too. But No way - Spark people recommend that I eat between 1300-1700 calories a day to lose weight at the rate of 2 kgs per month. And see where I am?

    Yes nutritionist. But honestly, I am scared of goint to one. May she will tell me to eat rotis rotis for ther est of my life. I cannot do that.

  5. Hi Sugar...your comment on my buckwheat pancake made me want to click and come to your blog and see what I read. I would urge you not to count the calories but mind the rate at which the calories(glucose) is released into your blood. Sudden release of glucose into the blood would cause insulin spike and hence a few more hormones will go into a tizzy.
    Also, hypocaloric diet can make your system believe that you are under a physiological stress and start to 'fortify' the fat storage. Mind your energy levels as well while on a diet like this and a cardio based workout regime.
    All the best..I really admire your focus. But don't loos heart my friend :-)


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