Friday, December 7, 2012

My Yoga experience and today's run!

For the last two month or so, I have set the tone for healthy weekends, by taking a power yoga class on Friday nights. While I first approached yoga, I took it as another exercise. But as I did it I realised I was building a whole energy cloud around me. I began to feel happy (like the happy high!) after yoga class. But it was not the kicked up high. It was calming, peaceful and just so different.
The yoga instructor at the gym has however gone on long leave and this months schedule showed a different istructor. I decided I would continue with yoga!
Today however, the Scientist's workplace has a family day, and that meant my evening routine is kind of bothred. I decided, last night, that I will prep something for breakfast today, so that I could get my workout in. I was up at 5.30 a.m. without an alarm, and was out of the door zipped up and laced up into the breaking dawn for my run. After not having run outdoors for more than a week now, and with my chest congestion still bothering me, I must admit it was not the best runs ever. I was ready to stop at 5.5 kms after 45 minutes of running! Mapmy run showed a pace of 8:23 per km which sure is progression :)
When I came back home, I found the Scientist and Chittu still fast asleep! These are good mornings, I tell ya.
I am SO ready for the weekend! Can you believe 2012 is nearly over? The weather here in Bangalore makes me want to bunk office, curl up on the couch with some good tea and a fine book! **Sigh!** Day-dreams! How's the winter treating you?



  1. I wish I could get up as early as you do!! I wish!

    1. :) heheh... i get into bed by 10.30.. thats probably most of the reason I can wake up before the sun :)

  2. Oh the winter is so damn good here! As good as -2! But my heart feel good whn I see the snow!
    Yes, yoga is great! I love it! I went n did yoga as a kid and it was great - I was always active n lively! And whn I did yoga a year n half back it was great! I was 5-7 kg lighter! :-D

    1. :) really!!! whole new experience, must be? Is germany Christmassy and all? Hope you are having fun!
      Yea baby Yoga is good :)

    2. Yes, totally...! :-)
      It is completely christmasy now...!! And really wonderful :-)


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