Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Settling for a walk, instead of a run!

All of a sudden there was a heavy rain last night. Even when I woke up in the middle of the night to pee, I could hear the drizzle outside. So, even though I was up bright and early today. I snuggled next to the Scientist and we chatted, at 5 in the morning.Its been ages since we had a decent conversation. He has been so busy with work, that I've begun to get irritated now. 

Anyway, then we woke up and I made breakfast and lunch and did not, for a change feel guilty about not having gone for my run. My chest congestion has eased out a bit. I thought of an evening workout at the gym. But when I came home to my baby at 6 in the evening, there was no way I could change into gym clothes and leave him back home with Maami yet again. Usually even in the mornings, I try to leave home to the gym while he is still asleep and return soon after he wakes up. So I feel less guilty. 

So this evening, I decided we could get in a bit of a walk. So we sweatered up and trooped to a store nearby where I bought some juicy looking Nashpatis (pears) and stocked up on khakras :) I carried the toddler about half way to and a little distance back. So I think I got some exercise in even though I missed today's run. 

I guess when having a baby  school going toddler, a temporarily workaholic husband, weight to lose, meals to cook, dead lines to meet at work and above all a conscience to deal with, you  got to settle for doing the best you can, when you can! Its ok if I missed the morning's run! I got to spend some quality time with Chittu. Its a hard deal, but I know, I will make it to body pump tomorrow morning!


  1. "You got to settle for doing the best you can, when you can!" exactly. this is the attitude to have.

    1. sigh! yes. I am striving to get better at what I do. But still!


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