Monday, December 17, 2012

Pop goes the weasel


Does this happen to you? Just when you are in the midst of an outstanding workout routine, feeling as if you are just freeing yourself from the clutches of the great sugar craving and actually finding that it is being possible to lose weight, pop goes the weasel?

That's exactly what happened to me. I was in a great positive swing and had found my momentum, just when news that the Scientist's grandfather passed away reached us. We had to rush to Chennai, for the final rites and even though I ate responsibly on Friday, saturday evening saw pizza and ice cream and Sunday, I was eating chocolate and feeling sick, I ate an oily samosa in the train and yes did not do any exercise.

Surprisingly the scale this morning said 78 after seeing almost 80 on Friday morning ( I think my body has its own water retention schedules which I am yet to figure out). I will try to resume exercise ASAP, but woke up only at 7.30 this morning! This is the last week I am going to be in Bangalore. I am expecting some unexpected travel for the weekend (Sorry Prachi :( ) and will spend most of the next week soaking up in some great carnatic music and bharatanatyam dance performances. It's december and I love Chennai in december :)

I plan to hit the gym this evening, and there will be body pump tomorrow. But we all know this right:

Get fit in the gym
Lose weight in the kitchen
So the calorie war begins again :)

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  1. aww...I am going to miss meeting you?? no problems, we shall surely meet next year :) maybe in mumbai this time ;)


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