Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Running, but not running :)

Hi! from the land of wanting more sleep. Or I don't know if my body is running low on salt.
I ran to body pump today. But I was barely able to walk back. I was so pooped. Its been ages since I had a decent long distance run.  I am slightly fearful about stopping running just like that. I am planning on a 7k run tomorrow morning. Sometimes, I think - Its so easy to run. I just need to get in to tracks, tie up my hair, lace my running shoes and take off. But there are so many reasons I don't - its too cold, I'll go to the gym instead, my feet are hurting, Chittu will wake up, I'll sleep five minutes longer or I'll hit the gym in the evening and such other totally lame excuses. I end up feeling guilty during the day, specially when I glance at the incomplete workouts on my workout schedule page.
I missed out the Chennai run in November and then  missed the Bangalore midnight marathon for December. There is a 10k on tap in January 2013 and I am inclined to do it. And then there is this in early February.  Running in Pondicherry does get me excited, but running out of Bangalore will mean travel and stay needs to be decided. And little Chittu? Originally I planned to do the half marathon of the Auroville event, but later decided against it, because I may not be sufficiently prepared. I will instead do the half later in the year, hopefully, but will need to start a serious training schedule. I found this training schedule for the half marathon. Does it not look so easy on paper? 21.1 kms a.k.a 13.2 miles on papers looks so easy. All you gotta do is strike off the runs. But for that, you'll have to first run it. Heheh :)
I am not sure where I will be the next i.e last week of December. I could be in Bangalore/Chennai/Trichy. Whichever way it is, I am going to try to run or atleast walk as much as I can. Afterall, I have some cool goals for 2013!!!



  1. That cool!
    And by the way, by taking inspiration from you and Prachi, I have started running on weekends too! Don't ask me the distance though! :D
    I could just make it to 1Km and that too with a break :(

    1. thats awesome. Like super awesome. Running long distances from dedication and consistency. With that I am sure you will be able to run longer distances soon!

  2. Awww... U will be great Sugar! :-)


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