Monday, January 21, 2013

A normal weekend after so long!

It feels like I had a real weekend after long. Sometimes, it feels so good to just be home, eat simple meals, nap in the afternoon, have plenty of toddler time, clean up a bit, shop for the week and gear up for the upcoming week. Yes ofcourse, I did get a 6k run on Saturday. That felt good. While I was geared up for a similar run on Sunday, my running venue, Lalbagh was hosting the annual flower show. That made the parking arrangements so inconvenient, that I decided to head back to the local park for some exercise. I walked and then ran a bit, totalling to 3k and then did some walking lunges, some step ups on a pretty high park bench, utkatasana and its twisted variation, some hamstring and glute stretches and walked back home. Have I told you? Its so cold in Bangalore that I find it hard to run outside, because my body takes really long to warm up!!!

On the eating front, I guess I was ok, and we only ate at home thus making our meals simple, healthy and wholesome. I did eat about three pieces of Ghirardelli chocolate. I still cannot believe the US chocolates are still lasting us. This is a huge huge NSV for me! Usually I'm more the type to consider it top priority to finish up any candy in the house. I used to feel like its my moral obligation!

And have I told you? Chittu's  school timing have been fixed at 9 - 12. That means I leave home early, drop him off and walk a kilometre back to office. Since packing the Scientist's lunch, getting breakfast ready, feeding the little guy , figuring out lunch and getting ready myself is itself enough to do between  5-8.30 in the morning, I have decided to move my workouts to the evening on a trial basis. I also figured I'd take a bit more interest in lighting the morning lamp, kolam in front of God and outside the home, a chore I decided to skip because I was rushing to the gym. I'm going to see if this works fine and if I find it further eats into my Chittu time, I will go back to morning exercise.

Another reason for moving up exercise was that I tended to get lazy in the evenings and stayed glued to the sofa browsing/ reading apart from cooking! May be a little active evenings will do good to my metabolism.

As I said, its just a trial, and we'll see how it goes. I have not seen any major scale love, though people who have seen me of late are telling me, I look a lot thinner!! I'll take that and keep going!


  1. Cheerful post...just what I needed to read this morning.

  2. After a hectic weekend & small vacation I am so craving for a simple weekend...alas! it is just Monday!!

    I am sure things will work out for you....I wish I cud get up as early as u do...what time do you to retire to bed?


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